Eye Fit Logo (English)

Eye Fit is a computer-assisted rehabilitation program that helps improve voluntary eye movement.  It trains the eyes to read systematically without the demand of linguistic components inherent in reading.

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Training Games


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Smooth continuous eye movement which is essential for for sports and learning skills through imitation of movement.

Quick Localization

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Quick gaze position changes allow the person to shift focus quickly, a very important element for attention.

Rhythmic Localization

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This quick, rhythmic and predictable action helps us get our eye muscles coordinated for anticipatory eye movement.  This helps the agonist and antagonist eye muscles to learn to move in a coordinated fashion.

Sequential Localization

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An exercise for sequential and orderly movement of the eyes.  The targets are static and resemble the stimulus of the reading task.  The feedback it gave reinforces proper sequential eye movement pattern - from left to right, top to bottom.

Training Objectives


Changes the speed of the stimulus so that the eye muscles learn how to work in a coordinated fashion at different speeds.


Train for endurance by varying the time spent of each game or the time that the person needs to spend on that voluntary eye movement.


Train for precision by progressively reducing the size and spacing of the gaze targets.


Provides the option of adding static and dynamic distractors into the scenes as a means of learning how to focus.


System Requirements

  • Windows 10
  • CPU i5 or above
  • RAM 8GB or above
  • Tobii eyetracker