EyeFit Play - blue

Eye Fit Play is designed specifically for self and home training.  Through the scan of a QR Code, the app will automatically cycle through the list of training games as designed by the therapist.  It is just that easy!

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Main Features

Program Play

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You no longer have to sit besides the child and select one by one what games and what levels to play.  Just scan a QR Code and start a preset program.

Rest Period

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When the child has played for a certain pre-defined period of time, the program will force him/her to take a break before he/she can continue.  No need to worry about addictive play.


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In regular play, there is a leaderboard for each difficulty level.  Kids love to compete with each other.  It is highly motivating.

Play History

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The program will keep a total of 50 past playing records.  You will know exactly how often the child has played, the program he/she has played and the score.

Versions Comparison

Eye Fit Eye Fit Play
Target User Therapists Teachers/Parents
Intended Use Assessment Training
Ease of Use Moderate Easy
Select Game Yes No
Game Parameters Selection Yes No
Detail Performance Data Yes No
Program Play via QR Code No Yes
Preset Training Programs No Yes
Leaderboard No Yes
Play History Yes Yes
Multilingual Yes English Only

System Requirements

  • Windows 10
  • CPU i5 or above
  • RAM 8GB or above
  • Tobii eyetracker