Tele Training Toolkit

Tele Training Toolkit

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" A suite of applications for remote training"

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The Tele Trainer app allows therapists, teachers, and parents to conduct tele (or remote) training with the child (or group of 4) by dynamically adjusting the settings of the game that the child is playing on their devices.


The Trainee app is the one used by the child to play games.  

Training Areas

concentration, executive functions, inhibition, eyes-hands coordination, cognitive, visual perception,  maths, ...


Feature Highlights

  • Trainer can control all aspects of the game - size, speed, rotation, spawn frequency, game background, music and effects, correct/incorrect points, hints display, etc - to adjust the game difficulty and accommodate different training needs.
  • Over 1000 target images to choose from - numbers, alphabets, animals, visual patterns, etc.
  • Group training of up to 4 children at the same time. 
  • Realtime display of the individual child's performance.
  • Can be used with eyetracker and colored glasses.
  • Both Tele Trainer and Tele Trainee can be assessed easily through a browser on desktop computers and tablets.  No software installation is required.

Browser Compatibility

  • Windows/MacOS - Firefox 52 or newer, Chrome 57 or newer, Safari 11 or newer, Edge16 or newer
  • Android - Firefox, Chrome
  • IOS - (experimental) depending on device model, iOS version and network condition, may experience some delay on first load, when in doubt, please try out with the demo account first

iOS Apps

  • For even better user experience, you can download both the Tele Trainer and Tele Trainee apps from Apple appstore.


* Important *

At this moment, the Tele Training Toolkit CANNOT be used in China because of the great firewall.